Our Team.

The Helium Foundation's mission is to enable an inclusive, decentralized, and peer-to-peer global wireless network based on the incredible incentive model of crypto and blockchain technology. We promote innovative telecommunications solutions for positive global change. The Helium Foundation sets the direction for decentralized wireless networks, works closely with regulators, and shapes blockchain legislation and commercial standards. We empower the decentralized wireless community to leverage all protocols to solve real-world communication problems.

The Helium Foundation is operated by a passionate, cross-functional team.
We are distributed across the world but share one vision.

Abhay Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Sigel

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Clint

Community Manager

Amy Garland

Business Development Manager

Bryan N.

Community Manager

Bryan Zettler

Protocol Engineer

Christina Ramsey

Operations Manager

Clarissa 👋#9597

Grants Program Manager

Darwin Rinderer

Software Engineer


Community Manager

Jeremy Cooper

Director, Proof-of-Coverage

Joey Hiller

Technical Director

Joshua Kershner

General Counsel

Keenan Elias

Community Manager

Maria Mason

Talent Acquisition Manager

Matthew Thiery

Software Engineer

Michael Vierling

Software Architect

Noah Prince

Head of Protocol Engineering

Sam Gutentag

Developer Relations Lead

Sophi Kravitz

Director, Connected Products

Thornton Mills

Protocol Engineer

Valerie Spina

Project Manager

Yuan Gao

Head of Growth