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Helium Foundation Membership Program

Build the Future of Wireless Networks


The Helium Foundation is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to the proliferation of secure, cost-effective, peer-to-peer wireless networks.

The Foundation sits at the center of the Helium community serving as both steward and the coordination layer for the expansion and growth of decentralized wireless. The team plays multiple roles in supporting network growth and all its beneficiaries.

  • Drive Ecosystem Growth. With wireless ubiquity as our north star, the Foundation is responsible for many things that support Network builders and users. This includes technical and commercial support, community management, managing developer resources, onboarding service providers, and running an open Grant Program.
  • Educate and Inform. The Foundation is responsible for synthesizing and highlighting exciting developments across the community. By educating the public about the intersection of blockchain technology and wireless innovation, we validate the Network's utility and lower barriers for adoption. As our work benefits all types of wireless network operators, service providers, and end-users, we see this as a collaborative effort with stakeholders across the wireless industry.
  • Shepherd Network Governance. The Foundation provides the framework to manage and maintain the open technologies that power peer-to-peer wireless networks to benefit the wireless industry and various types of wireless protocols (including but not limited to LoRaWAN, 5G, and WiFi). This includes network governance by the community and technical oversight.
  • Protocol Development and Technical Support. The Foundation’s engineering team plays a key role in scaling Network performance and reliability, in addition to ongoing management and maintenance. The team is also responsible for supporting and managing all third-party integrations that benefit the community.

Member Ecosystem

The scope of our mission demands a thriving and supportive ecosystem and is the reason why we created the Helium Foundation Membership Program. The program will be made up of institutions and individuals that share the mission and vision of the Helium Foundation and towards decentralized wireless networks. Membership supports passionate individuals and organizations with promotional opportunities, direct access to Network updates, and collaborative development.

The Membership Program is a dues-based membership. Dues will directly support the Foundation, membership offerings and benefits, and provide ecosystem stability and public advocacy to the network and beyond. The Foundation is a not-for-profit entity.

If you are passionate about decentralized wireless networks and want to contribute to the roadmap and shape the future of decentralized wireless, this is the membership for you.

Membership Tiers

We have defined multiple tiers of membership for accessibility and inclusion:

Steering Member

Steering Members are strategic partners who represent the top-level of membership. You represent the future of the decentralized wireless ecosystem and are one of the most important and influential organizations. As a member, you are steering the entirety of the technology and industry toward the future.

Operating Member

Operating memberships are for organizations that want to drive and deliver wireless, peer-to-peer technologies to the market. You are an organization classified as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), supply chain and logistics company, service provider, or other B2B and B2B2C company. You are a key builder and already support strategic partnerships to grow the ecosystem.

Startup Member

Startup Members are innovative startups that provide as much value as large corporations, especially when it comes to building tooling, coordinating micro-communities, and providing feedback. Startups must employ fewer than 20 people and have raised less than $5M. Because of your status as an early-stage startup, this membership tier is made more accessible.

Patron Member

Patron Members are the bedrock of membership. You are a passionate individual and Helium hotspot super host. Whether you have been a long-time or new supporter of peer-to-peer wireless networks, you want to take on more and become an important voice in the network. This tier is not eligible for organizations.

Institutional Member

This is a tier exclusive to academic, non-profit, and government organizations who want to contribute to the success of wireless, peer-to-peer networks. This tier is for you if you are providing grant funding or conducting research on decentralized wireless, network security, cryptography, and more.

Genesis Cohort Membership Benefits

As a member, your contributions and collaborations to the decentralized, wireless, peer-to-peer network ecosystem are elevated and amplified. This first cohort of members will be known as the 'Genesis Cohort'. This title demonstrates your commitment as a pioneer in innovation.

Benefits of the Genesis Cohort include:

Membership OffersSteering MemberOperating MemberStartup MemberPatron MemberInstitutional Member
Listed supporter on the Foundation website *Top TierSecond Tier
Access to Quarterly Helium Foundation Newsletter
Feature in Quarterly Foundation Newsletter *QuarterlyBi-AnnualAnnual--
Eligible to be a contributor to the Helium Blog
Event sponsorship and participationFirst RightsPriority AccessPriority Access--
Public recognition at Flagship events----
Ability to license Helium trademarks for commercial business or product use *----
Access to free license for Helium marks for events & association *
Dedicated Channel in Helium Discord **--
Access to Helium Foundation press resources----
Ability to join member councils
Ability to create member councils----
Free Services
Recurring one-on-one meeting with Foundation teamMonthlyQuarterlyBi-Annual--
Dedicated Member Liaison---
Access to Dedicated Members Discord Channel
Annual Helium Conference Passes105211
Access to Member Directory
Annual Dues
Inquire$25,000$10,000$1,000No Fee

* available in accordance with company membership policies

** requires additional agreement

Becoming a Member

Joining as a Foundation Member allows you to align yourself and your organization with the forefront of wireless and blockchain innovation.

You'll have access to various marketing opportunities, have eyes on the latest developments, and help drive development priorities. Membership is available to all geographies, subject to any restrictions from OFAC sanctions.

Applicants will become successful members if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Demonstrate a long-term alignment to all peer-to-peer, decentralized wireless networks and their health, integrity and scale.
  2. Demonstrate relevant background in the wireless industry or blockchain technology space.
  3. Provide products and services relevant to the future of peer-to-peer, decentralized wireless networks.
  4. Demonstrate a passion and interest in developing product and service offerings for all peer-to-peer decentralized wireless networks.

Becoming a member is simple.

  1. Apply using the form below.
  2. Determine an agent or contact to act on behalf of your organization, or choose yourself.
  3. Follow all instructions on the form and demonstrate you or your organization’s relevant experience, knowledge, and commitment.
  4. List any relevant referrals or references.

Over the next several months, the Foundation will review applications for this initial cohort, which will be named the Genesis Cohort. Ensure you are responsive to emails and whitelist the email address.

The Foundation may seek referrals or references for prospective members. Upon membership approval, all members are required to sign a 'Rules, Code of Ethics & Conduct' agreement.

Email [email protected] with questions.

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