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A catalyst for community driven, decentralized wireless innovation.

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The Helium Foundation grant program facilitates innovation across the decentralized wireless ecosystem by providing access to funding, technical support, and community resources to promising individuals and teams. We fund projects, development, community events, and educational resources that strengthen the network and inspire the community.

Build the Future of Wireless

The next generation of wireless innovation will come from community-built infrastructure enabling increased decentralization, collaboration, and market acceleration. These three outcomes are guideposts that shape the grant program’s funding priorities and frame how we approach supporting the wider ecosystem of wireless innovation. Projects that aim to build more decentralization, collaboration, and market acceleration speak to the vision we hold for the future of wireless and applicants that seek these goals align with our approach to grant funding.

2023 Opportunities

Community Events

Supporting community gatherings that focus on building with decentralized wireless.

Helium Data Grants

Funding projects that make Helium data accessible and actionable.

Capital Partners

Aligning promising wireless innovators and entrepreneurs with the right funding partners for scaling a business with Helium.

How it Works

Applying is easy and we aim to get you a response within a week.

Step 1

Quick Pitch. Submit a short summary of your project in 20 minutes or less to get early feedback on your grant proposal.

Step 2

Full Proposal. If your quick pitch aligns with grant guidelines, you will be invited to share more detail about your grant project. This step should take an hour or less.

Step 3

Kickoff! When your proposal moves forward, our team will work with you to create a feedback framework and timeline for deliverables. This is a collaborative process that aims to support your vision.

Apply Today

We highly encourage passionate members of the community to apply for one of our new grant opportunities below. The grant program aims to support community members who are building the future of wireless with events, infrastructure, tools, and IoT use cases that facilitate decentralization, collaboration, and acceleration. Take a look at our current grant opportunities and apply!

Helium Data Grants

Submit a proposal for an open source project that meaningfully improves access, awareness, and understanding of Helium data from Solana on-chain and oracles.


  • Funding up to $10,000
  • Technical guidance from Foundation
  • Promotion via Foundation comms
  • Open source projects preferred
  • Use of Spark highly encouraged

Deadline: June 2nd 2023

Estimated Application Time: 30 minutes

Helium Community Events

Submit a proposal to host a community event that gathers decentralized wireless and IoT enthusiasts who want to learn more about building with Helium.


  • Funding up to $500 per event
  • Helium swag for organizers & attendees
  • $250 for technical expert or hardware

Deadline: Rolling

Estimated Application Time: 30 minutes

Pitch Your IoT Business

Decentralized wireless networks expand and forge new opportunities for innovative businesses. The Helium Foundation is committed to connecting promising IoT use cases with our closely aligned venture partners to ensure businesses building the future of wireless are well positioned to scale. We partner with respected funds across the hardware and web3 space supporting scalable solutions. Our grant team reviews every solution carefully to ensure that promising businesses align with each fund’s focus. Submit your business today for an opportunity to pitch leading funds that can take your solution to the next level.

Deadline: Rolling

Estimated Application Time: 30 minutes

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“Borderless is excited to support new use cases and business models that leverage the full potential of the Helium decentralized network.”

Álvaro Gracia, Borderless

"The Helium Foundation Grant Program is funding an ecosystem of builders designing fundamentally new products and services unlocked by a decentralized wireless network."

Tyler Mincey, Baukunst

“Samsung Next is proud to support innovators leveraging the Helium ecosystem to accelerate the build-up of global connectivity.”

Raymond Liao, Samsung Next

"Escape Velocity is excited to support entrepreneurs and innovators building in the Helium ecosystem."

Salvador Gala, Escape Velocity Founder

"Helium has been an inspiration to a new generation of builders in web3 and Lattice is excited to help these entrepreneurs in the journey to bring their products to market."

Mike Zajko, Lattice

2022 Impact

Explore a showcase of our 2022 grantee projects below for a deeper look at program impact over the last year.

Road Aerial

"Grants are the bedrock for how innovation happens in a decentralized ecosystem. I'm excited to see how grants will take Helium to new heights."

Steven Yuan, Grantee

Kate McAndrew

“I love the Helium Foundation grant program’s approach to grassroots ecosystem development building utility and possibility around a global wireless network.”

Kate McAndrew, Baukunst

“The Helium grants program supports analytics projects that empower community members to make data-driven assessments of network performance.”

Evan Diewald, Grantee