Helium Foundation Member Ecosystem

Leading Innovation in Decentralized Wireless Networks

Helium Foundation Members play a pivotal role in propelling growth in decentralized wireless technologies. Member companies are pioneers in innovation, valuable contributors, and committed partners in the Helium ecosystem.

Steering Members

Steering Members are strategic partners who represent the top-level of membership. You represent the future of the decentralized wireless ecosystem and are one of the most important and influential organizations. As a member, you are steering the entirety of the technology and industry toward the future.

Nova Labs logo

Nova Labs

Founded in 2013, Nova Labs is a pioneer in decentralized wireless communications and the founding team behind the open-source Helium Network. Helium Mobile, a Nova Labs business, has a mission to solve the unnecessary fragmentation that plagues connectivity and enable its customers to reduce costs while maintaining high-quality service.

Steering Member

Operating Members

Operating memberships are for organizations that want to drive and deliver wireless, peer-to-peer technologies to the market. You are an organization classified as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), supply chain and logistics company, service provider, or other B2B and B2B2C company. You are a key builder and already support strategic partnerships to grow the ecosystem.

LoneStar Tracking logo

LoneStar Tracking

End-to-end IoT solutions, encompassing GPS tracking, environmental monitoring, and AI-powered telematics.

Operating Member

UPLINK Network logo

UPLINK Network

Network operator of critical and decentralized radio technology in Germany, and one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in Europe.

Operating Member

RAK Wireless logo

RAK Wireless

We help businesses scale their IoT solutions, from small-scale projects to enterprise-level deployments.

Operating Member

Seeed Studio logo

Seeed Studio

As an AIoT hardware enabler, Seeed offers a wide array of integration-ready LoRaWAN hardware solutions (trackers, sensors, gateways and more), hardware customization, and manufacturing services.

Operating Member

Startup and Small Business Members

Startup and Small Business members are innovative companies that provide as much value as large corporations, especially when it comes to building tooling, coordinating micro-communities, and providing feedback. Startups must employ fewer than 20 people and have raised less than $5M. Because of your status as an early-stage startup, this membership tier is made more accessible.

LongFi Solutions logo

LongFi Solutions

LongFi Solutions deploys decentralized infrastructure at scale to enable low-cost, last-mile connectivity.

Small Business Member

Helium Deploy logo

Helium Deploy

5G deployment partner for Helium mining success.

Small Business Member

Mycelium Networks logo

Mycelium Networks

Mycelium operates the first real-world testing ground for every DePIN. Incubate. Accelerate. Showcase.

Small Business Member

Parley Labs logo

Parley Labs

Defense and climate solutions. We embrace rapid prototyping to tackle the worlds most challenging problems

Small Business Member

Heliotics logo


Provides a complete portfolio of end-to-end IoT solutions for businesses, cities, and individuals.

Small Business Member

Nightjar Solutions logo

Nightjar Solutions

Specializes in custom IoT solutions and deployments. Prototype and firmware design? Yep. We do that too.

Small Business Member

Ingenious Things logo

Ingenious Things

IngeniousThings with Helium-IoT service connects your device fleets all over the world with Helium's global network.

Small Business Member

Qnectd logo


The Open IoE Provider. A full set of services for establishing complete IoT solutions and LoRaWAN connectivity.

Small Business Member

Relay logo


All-in-one platform to build, manage, and scale wireless networks.

Small Business Member

Institutional Member

This tier is for academic, non-profit, and governmental organizations who want to contribute to the success of wireless, peer-to-peer networks. This tier is also for organizations providing grant funding or conducting research on decentralized wireless, network security, cryptography, and more.

MIT Sloan Blockchain Club logo

MIT Sloan Blockchain Club

SBC cultivates knowledgeable, well-rounded, and principled leaders in the blockchain industry, collaborating closely with other programs and communities.

Institutional Member

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