The Future of
Wireless is Open.

The decentralized wireless networks powered by the Helium Blockchain create a more connected and equitable world.

The Helium Foundation exists to benefit the wireless industry and its stakeholders as a steward of ecosystem development, network governance, and public education.

Quick Links

Use the Network

Leverage an open, permissionless wireless network for municipal, commercial, or industrial connectivity.

LoRaWAN Commercial UsersDeploy Smart DevicesRoaming for Network Operators

Build the Network

Play a role by providing coverage and securing the Network. Get funding for open source contributions.

Host a HotspotGrants Program

Helium Blockchain

Explore the protocol documentation, open technology, and economic models that power the Helium Network.

Token DocsGitHubToken Economics


Shape the future of the Helium Network. Review and create proposals for modifications or improvements.

Helium Improvement ProposalsMonthly Community CallGoverning CommitteesHelium Community Discord

Our Mission

We’re building a connected future where no one is left behind.

Helium technology is paving the road to ubiquitous wireless coverage. We believe a more connected world accelerates the dissemination of knowledge, improves economies around resource management, and adds new layers of accountability and transparency.

User-owned infrastructure, made possible by the Helium Blockchain and its tokenomics, gives agency to communities and corporations to propagate their own wireless coverage. Our mission ultimately benefits telecom incumbents, new innovators, and the entire industry’s beneficiaries from an individual to international level.

Grants Program

The Helium Foundation runs an extensive grants program to accelerate the growth of the Helium ecosystem. The grants program provides individuals and project teams access to funding, technical support, and community resources.

Apply for a Helium Foundation Grant->

Apply for a grant.

Public Resources

The Helium Foundation runs a variety of resources to enable the broader community to understand and leverage the network. Use these tools to deploy a sensor or better understand the network.

Foundation ETL / Metabase->

Use Metabase to query the blockchain using SQL or an existing dashboard.

Device Console->

Deploy a LoRaWAN device on the network.

Block Explorer->

Visualize the network with the Helium block explorers.

Education & Advocacy

The Helium Foundation is responsible for providing and facilitating the production of educational resources.

Helium Blog->

Updates from Helium.

Helium Documentation->

Get started with developing solutions on Helium.

Government Relations

Policy initiatives to create a friendly regulatory environment for the Helium Network.

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