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Valencia's Helium-Powered IoT Project Aims to Alleviate Energy Poverty. - Nov 13

More than 130 air quality sensors using LoRaWAN have been deployed throughout the city offer insights into the environmental conditions within the participants' homes.

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Helium's HNT Token Now Trading on Gemini. - Sep 7

The Helium Foundation received exciting news today as Helium's HNT Token started trading on Gemini, a prominent crypto exchange and custodian.

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Helium sees blue skies with weather, smart city IoT solutions. - Jul 24

Helium Foundation announced that WeatherXM, QNECTD and KitchenOS are using the Helium network to power their IoT solutions. These companies are the latest to select the Helium Network’s community-powered DeWi network.

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This wireless network aims to warn the most vulnerable about extreme heat, bad air and other climate-change risks. - Jul 24

Helium Network, and its nonprofit arm, Helium Foundation, believe a decentralized global wireless network, keeping costs to a minimum and leveraging IoT, can save lives.

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Party balloons filed with Helium flying into the sky



Deutsche Telekom adds the Helium Network to IoT platform. - Jun 28

Deutsche Telekom's IoT Creators will offer an integrated Helium LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) in its platform to encourage users to onboard and manage devices on the Helium Network.

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IoT devices can now connect to both the Helium Network and Amazon Sidewalk. - May 25

The Helium Foundation has partnered with Oxit to create Oxtech Module, a product to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to both the decentralized wireless network, Helium, and Amazon Sidewalk.

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This network makes it possible to send data wirelessly over long distances with low energy consumption. As a result, the radiator valves can work for years on one battery, and no wiring is required between the different radiators and sensors.

Cosmos IoT

The value of Helium is the ability to monitor our roofs and give our customers peace of mind. With our business model, we’re largely indifferent to the price of the Helium token. My analogy is nobody switches from AT&T to Verizon because of the stock price. They switch for better coverage.


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